Great Tenor Saxophonists of the United States

For those that don't know, I was a total jazzhead throughout high school, college and when I first moved to NYC. I am forever indebted to my father, Stan Levy, who, himself is a tenor saxophonist, was constantly playing jazz records growing up. I compiled some of the greatest tenor saxophonists born in the United States through a map.

I took into consideration birthplace/dates and you are able to see the distribution here.  A fun discovery of this process was discovering the great "Texas Tenor" tradition (NPR article). This print map certainly warrants an interactive piece so that may be around the corner!

For the design style, I borrowed from the venerable jazz labels of the past with their own particular sophisticated design aesthetic, namely Prestige Records, Blue Note, Savoy and Impulse. 


Future City Lab Exhibition at the Museum of the City of New York

In collaboration with the Pratt Institute and the Future Labs at the Museum of the City of New York, JL Cartography helped analyze data and produce map products for the upcoming New York at its Core, Future City Lab section of a brand new exhibition. This will feature an awesome interactive display full of interesting maps related to the future of New York City. Opens November 18th!

How you can help out in Ebola relief with Open Street Mapping

I attended the Ebola Open Data Jam last week and was able to help out the Ebola stricken areas in their relief efforts by drawing in buildings, roads, and infrastructure on the Open Street Map where it is missing.  

Open Street Map is a citizen run community of mappers from all over the world populating and open source map with data. It is actively being used by the American Red Cross and others on the ground in West Africa.

I'm pretty sure anyone with just a modicum of technical know-how can contribute, not just professionals. and I strongly encourage folks to check this out.

Below I'll list the steps to take to get started: 

1. Create an Open Street Map account 

2. Join the Humanitarian OpenStreetmap Team (HOTOSM)

3. Pick a task that you'd like to contribute to, eg. #711 Ebola Outbreak, Kayes, Mali - Pre-emptive building mapping 

4. Make sure you follow your tasks instructions closely.

5. Map away!